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Sioux Falls Convention Center - Sioux Falls, SD


  • Set-up starts at 7am on Saturday.  All Dealers are expected to be there by 9am. 

  • Dealer are allowed back in at 8am on Sunday.  The room is locked and there is overnight security.

  • Tables are 6ft and 8ft (Depending one what you purchased).  Each table will have two chairs provided. 

  • Each table comes with 2 dealer admission tickets.  If you need to purchase more see below

  • You are expected to stay until the end of the show on Saturday and Sunday.  

  • Hotel information: Sheraton Sioux Falls & Convention Center - Book Here - Block Closes Sept 6th.

Load-in & Out
There is a garage door in the back of the convention center where dealers can unload from there car.  Click Below for exact direction to to unloading door.  The Door will open 7am on Saturday and Close at 9am.  It will open Sunday at 3pm for loading out.  Dealer can also load-in though the front entrance of convention center. We do not have carts for dealers to use.

There is plenty of parking for everyone in the Convention Center parking lot.  If you need to use the garage door to unload you it will open at 7am. Load-in and Load-out are first come first serve

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